20 minute number from my commute

On my commute tonight I did a 20 minute interval. My weight was 152lbs or 69 kg

Here is a screen shot from Training Peaks.

Heart Rate: RED
Speed: BLUE
Cadence: GREEN

My Average Power was 221 watts / 69 kg = 3.20 w/kg
My Normalized Power was 249 watts / 69 kg = 3.60 w/kg

I felt good during the interval but after it I was spent for nearly 10 minutes. The interval was through a section that had traffic signals and a couple of rollers hence the spikes in power.

Got a new jersey…

A quick shout-out to my friend in Omaha, Nebraska who hooked me up with a new jersey.

I commuted today. I’ve picked up a lot of new readers so for you that have been with me a while allow me to give the headlines about my commute to the new readers.

I commute 65 miles one way from Encinitas to Huntington Beach. Sometimes I take the train part of the way. sometimes I do both full commutes each way for 130 miles, 8 hours on the bike for the day broken up in the middle by an 8 hour work day. Sometimes on my night time commute I add extra loops to bring up the mileage to 69, or 86 miles.

I did only one leg of the commute today, the northbound one. I have been sick since getting back from Trans Iowa. My recovery was pitiful. Beginning with saying up all day Sunday (until 10ish pm) to disassemble Buckshot77’s bike, and then Monday I couldn’t get to bed early either. By Tuesday I was back to work dragging. Over the next few days I fought off a cold and it finally got me. I have been sick for three (3) weeks. IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!

Here is a picture of my new jersey. Thank you Sushijoe!!

San Diego Brevet Series 600km (375 miles)

Today is Wednesday the usual start day for my 3-day block of commuting/training. But I am changing up my routine. In the past, I have suffered from sleep deprivation on 600km events. Subsequently, my pace slows down during the event when I’m falling asleep. Yes, I said falling asleep and yes, on the bike. I consider it one of my biggest weaknesses in my pursuit of becoming a better Ultra Cyclist. Don’t forget these events are overnighters for the average cyclist. My best has been in the 33 hour range. As you can see that is an 11.36 Mph Avg speed. If I can just stay awake and keep the wheels rolling I might break 30 hours.

I climb…ok, I ride the flats… ok (drafting helps lol!) and I spend very little time off the bike. But the one thing that slows me down in longer events is fighting the Sandman. In 2005, I did the San Diego 600km I was about 160 miles into the event and I had to pull over. I was so tired and sleepy. Would you believe it was the middle of the afternoon? Also in 2005, two weeks later I did the San Luis Obispo 600km and also suffered from sleep deprivation issues early in the afternoon.

In both cases above I worked all week (who doesn’t?) and had real early starts to my day on the Thursday and Friday mornings leading into the event on Saturday. I have vowed to get at least 7 hours of sleep over the next couple of days. I rarely get more than 6 hours. To keep the legs loose I will try and ride the trainer (hate the trainer) or go for a short ride after work BUT NO commuting on the bike. When I commute I’m up by 4am and I think I can squeeze out 1-2 more hours of sleep and wake up at 530am or 6am. I’ll ride the rails instead of clogging the freeways with my car!

Starting my commuting again…

On Tuesday 3/10 I began my nightly commute from Encinitas to Huntington Beach. I added an extra climb and now my commute is 68.5 miles.

I then return to work in the morning using the Metrolink Train and get 32 miles.

Last week I ended up with 400+ miles. The first time I have done that mileage since last August when I was finishing up my ramp up for the Furnace Creek 508

For you Power Mongrels — I expended 10,491 kjs and a TSS of 1426.

Today Wednesday 3/18 I will begin my commute for this week.

On My Commute …

A double shot of commute stuff for you.

If you look closely this guy is have a Lite beer. I’m quite sure if you look in the Coaster rules and regulations hmmm…drinking alcohol is not authorized. He must of had a hard day at the office. Let’s also hope he’s walking home from the train station otherwise he is getting behind the wheel of a car 10 minutes after finishing his beer. He was on the Coaster for all of 4 stops and back off. If he is walking good thing “It’s less filling”

Bianca, my commuter, is almost 36 lbs.

That is all

I commuted I commuted I commuted…

Yes it is the little things that make me happy..like riding my bike. This morning Brandy and I woke up at 0420. Yeah really 420. We left the house at 0500. I had a short 15 mile commute to the Irvine train station. While Brandy was getting a few extra miles before work. I rode my fixie since I still can’t use my right hand for much.

Everything was going fine until I stopped to get coffee at Starbucks. When I walked in I saw a longer line than I usually see. I asked who was at the end of the line and was surprised that everyone had already ordered. It was 0608 and and I had 12 minutes to catch the train and I was only 1.5 blocks away. So I ordered my venti Americano with room. I figured I had plenty of time.

While waiting for my coffee a young lady asked me if that was my bike outside. I replied yes. Then she asked if it was “fixed” and I replied again in the affirmative. I found out her name was Heather and that she used to commute when she lived only 5 miles from work but now she has to drive up to Los Angeles. I left her my email and blog and said maybe we can ride sometime.

Meanwhile my coffee was still in the cue. I started to sweat whether I was going to catch my train. Finally my coffee was ready and I scooted down the road. Only to get within 100 yds from the train station and see the train rolling away. I panicked at first and then thought I can take the Amtrak. So I missed the 0620 Metrolink to Oceanside but the Amtrak would be at the station at 0704 and I would ride it to Solana Beach.

I was 30 minutes late for work but in the end I think it was worth it. I took a lot of video and created a little movie. It is rough with no editing and no finishing. My main goal of the “movie” is to show my appreciation for the beautiful weather and beautiful scenery that we have in Southern California. It was 50 degrees at 0500 this morning with clear skis. Just a gorgeous morning to be on my bike. We are truly blessed to live here!

Commuting and Crashing?

Tomorrow, Friday, I will commute to and from work for the first time since October 30th. I have not commuted because of a badly fractured thumb. The pain on some of my short weekend rides has just been bearable. I would like to get back on the bike real soon. My first event of the season is less than 30 days away, January 3rd. I will commute to the Irvine Train Station from Huntington Beach (~15 miles), take the train to Oceanside (~35 miles), and then ride the rest of the way to work (~15 miles).

The next segment of this post is something I fear every day, especially when commuting at night and pre-dawn hours. I pass a lot of construction zones and I am extra cautious of repairs that have been done to the road, in particular those in the bike lane. I fear going down just because a road crew was too lazy to do the job right THE FIRST TIME!

I received an email from Kam. Kam is a good friend and former teammate. While on a well established training ride, 15 years running, two cyclists were badly injured because of shoddy road work. The details are sketchy but one rider has a broken collarbone the other sustained multiple abrasions. In essence, a trench was dug out for a repair, but the patch work was less than ideal. In fact, it was downright dangerous. There is still the potential for other cyclists to be injured if they are unaware. Below is a brief description of the location.

From an email:

The location of the rut is on North Torrey Pines road heading north just
past Salk Institute.

Here is a slide show from Kam’s website

Find more photos like this on The Cycling Network

Here is my concern. Motorists drive too close to the bike lane. Many times there are ruts, crevices and debris in the bike lane. As cyclists we respect and try to coexist with motorists and stay in the bike lane as much as possible. But sometimes there are things like 3″ wide ruts in the bike lane and the only decision is to exit the bike lane or face certain injury. I wish there was a way to help motorists understand that our sudden and seemingly erratic swerving is simply to avoid crashing
and bodily injury. As cyclists, we take risks and make judgment calls in a fraction of a second. It is never our intention to play “chicken” with a Hunmmer!

Road crews and their employers need to be held accountable for the work they perform. Our safety depends on it!!