Race Day Eve – 2017 Silver State 508

Today we had our vehicle/bike inspection and racer/crew check-in and waivers signed. We are officially ready to race tomorrow Sept 15, 7:00 with the relay start.

Earlier in the day we took everything out of the crew vehicle, inventoried, labeled and organized it. Noreen was methodical and precise with her weapons of mass organization – Sharpies and Post-it notes – color coded at that! Funny story, while were setting everything up in the hotel parking lot security came to us saying they had received complaints of “someone setting up a yard sale”. Point number one – umm nothing is for sale! Point number two – what I’m selling you can’t afford 🙂 Apparently, security weren’t the only ones who thought we selling our wares. Several cars did a slow drive-by and asked if we were selling our things. Nothing to see here nothing for sale move along .

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THE 508 LIVE RACE TRACKING  Hutton’s Vireo



Race Eve Eve – 2017 Silver State 508

We arrived in Reno safe and sound. We saw dark clouds looming over the mountains on our way in to town. Just as soon as we checked into our hotel and we are carrying our baggage to the rooms – thunderclaps and rain! Well let’s hope it all passes before race day. In the meantime, we had a nice dinner – I recommend the chipotle shrimp dish – don’t get the veggies they were over-cooked and soggy. Cheers!


THE 508 LIVE RACE TRACKING  Hutton’s Vireo




The 2017 Silver State 508

Once again Lori and I are racing the Silver State 508.  This year we are trying something new… we are racing as a 2 person mixed relay.  As my friend, Greg Sherman, pointed out to me I have raced the 508 as a solo, Fixed Gear solo, Tandem why not 2 X Mixed Relay.

We have a great crew.  Lori enlisted the help of her long-time friend Noreen.  I enlisted the help of Alin.  Alin is a veteran of crewing for us so I know he will be fine.  Last week we did a 150 mile 16,000 feet of climbing training ride where Lori and I switched every 25 miles to give the crew an opportunity to practice transitioning, feeding, navigating and direct follow at night.  Noreen did great for her first time.  She even had the opportunity to direct follow at night up and down mountains.

The team of Hutton’s Vireo are ready — riders and crew! You know you can teach people the tasks associated with crewing but you can’t teach them how to care for people.  The willingness to care, assist, and dedicate themselves to your mission can’t be taught it has to come from within. I feel confident we will be in good hands.

If you are interested and would like to follow the race please use the following links

THE 508 LIVE RACE TRACKING  Hutton’s Vireo






Road Trip antics on our way to Reno


We will try to have our crew update you via social media when the are not busy driving, navigating, feeding, motivating, massaging, and cheering us on!


2010 Fall Death Valley Double Century- Quick Post

October 30, 2010 I completed the Fall edition of the Death Valley Double Century.  Unofficially my time is 11 hours 39 minutes.  Unofficially, I came in 3rd place.  It is my Personal Record for the northern route.  My previous best was 12:11 back in 2006.  I am happy with my result.  After the Furnace Creek  508 I hung up Felicia and I haven’t ridden her since.  Basically I have been off the bike for a month.

I will post a race report soon.  In the meantime you can check the AdventureCorps  site for the official results.

Trans-Iowa for 2009

What’s Trans-Iowa? Trans Iowa is 320 miles through dirt, gravel, mud, B roads, paved roads, country roads and who knows what else. I wish I knew the elevation gain but the race director doesn’t have it…yet

From what I hear, and see from the finishing results, it’s a really tough Ultra race held in Iowa. The finishing results show very small numbers. Years past they have had as many as 100 starters and less than 25 from what I can see. I have t o dig a little deeper into the results.

So how did I hear about this event? I work with Andy at Ben’s Cycle out of Milwaukee. I bought my Fixed Gear from Andy and many other accessories and they have always treated me right. In my conversations with Andy he tells “Hey I know you like doing crazy hard stuff you oughta check out Trans Iowa.” He knows that the Fixed Gear I bought from him was used in the Furnace Creek 508.

I asked him to tell me more. The more tall tales he told of the horrible conditions the more it interested me.

The registration process has begun. The race will take place May 2-3. The race director has specific guidelines spelled out on the event blog. There are only 75 spots available and past participants get first pick.

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