Race Eve Eve – 2017 Silver State 508

We arrived in Reno safe and sound. We saw dark clouds looming over the mountains on our way in to town. Just as soon as we checked into our hotel and we are carrying our baggage to the rooms – thunderclaps and rain! Well let’s hope it all passes before race day. In the meantime, we had a nice dinner – I recommend the chipotle shrimp dish – don’t get the veggies they were over-cooked and soggy. Cheers!


THE 508 LIVE RACE TRACKING  Hutton’s Vireo




2 thoughts on “Race Eve Eve – 2017 Silver State 508

    • Hello Greg,

      Thank You for following my blog all these years! In a previous post I mentioned the 2 crew members, Alin and Noreen. Alin Lupus is a runner turned cyclist turn ultra IRONMAN and Noreen is a non cyclist but a long time friend of Lori.

      I hope you are well.

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