On My Commute….

Well, it’s a sad day for me today. Last night on my commute I was attacked by some pyscho, who on top of having mental issues, was also intoxicated. Totally unprovoked and inexplicably this person began berating Brandy and I with obscenities, and was full of rage. One theme of his repertoire was his insistence that because I was Iranian that I should go back to Iraq. Do you see how disturbed this person was?

We tried multiple times to disengage with this person but to no avail. We also couldn’t leave because Brandy had a flat tire, and that was why we were stopped in the first place. We couldn’t “escape” this maniac’s torment with Brandy’s bike in it’s unservicable condition. Ultimately, “pyscho” grabbed me with both hands and was about to head butt me with his freshly shaven head, consquently I HAD TO defend myself.

A scuffle ensued. The details are hazy but we were introduced to the sidewalk gracing the entrance to the 7-11. I released him but I was attacked again. Once again to the ground we went. This time we were introduced to freshly deposited oil stain in the parking lot of the aforementioned 7-11. I then released him.

On the occassion of his second release he actually lunged at Brandy. She had been frantically communicating with 911 before the first incident of grappling began. When he charged at Brandy…OMG was that a very scary millisecond! I shoved him away and stood between Brandy and him. I believe he finally realized he was crossing serious lines, and also noticed that Brandy was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. He fled the scene on his mountain bike.

We then find out from a bystander that he IS deranged. He gave us a name and address which we provided to one of the four squad cars that responded to the emercency call. One officer even commented to another officer about a third officer’s experience with “pyscho”, “Oh _______ almost shot him the other night.”

Now there’s more bad news. In the scuffle, I suffered a dislocation and Rolando’s fracture of my right thumb. I currently have cast-like splint and will require surgery to properly set my thumb.

I will have surgery on November 6, 2008. The hand specialist is recommending a permanent T plate and screws to help my body mend the multiple fractures in my thumb.

And the worse news of all….I am being told a minimum of 12 weeks off the bike!

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