On My Commute today….Motorpacing

This was fun. On the last 10 miles to work I was treated to a little high intensity work. I was drafting or Motorpacing behind a Land Rover. The driver, Shannon, knew I was behind him and he kept the speed steady between 30-32 mph a few times over 35mph but he could see I was dropping off and slowed down. I had my climbing cassette 12-27 and a 53/39 crankset. Anything over 34mph had me spinning over 100 RPM (I’m not a spinner). There four distinct rollers along the way and it took significant amount of effort to stay in contact with him.

I noticed the Yakima roof rack so I figured he knew what he was doing. We stopped a couple of times for traffic signals and stop signs and exchanged a few words. Shannon thanks for the “pull” and perfect high intensity end to my commute.

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