Ritchey Road Logic 2.0 Product Review – Initial Impressions


A much more detailed report will follow.  But in the meantime, I honestly can’t figure out what all the hype about carbon bikes is all about.  Having ridden this bike almost 500 miles in varied road conditions i.e. smooth pavement, rough pavement, dirt and gravel, it escapes me why someone needs to spend $5,000 on a carbon bicycle frame! This is a FANTASTIC riding steel bicycle frame at a great and affordable price!  MSRP is $1,049.95

I have often told my customers that I can tell if I’m going to like or be impressed by a bike in the first 10 pedals strokes out of my driveway.  It’s the same with saddles, wheels, tires you name it.  But I know some of you out there want to see a longer evaluation period so I will continue to ride and enjoy this bike.  I will report back after I have reached a certain mileage milestone.  Tomorrow is a very big riding day and I am excited to spend my day on the Ritchey Road Logic 2.0!