2015 REV Cycling Climbing Challenges

I offer you parallel climbing challenges for 2015.
1.  CLIMB 1,000,000 feet.  
The goal should be to do it in the fewest amount of miles.  We all know if we go out for a 50 mile ride with 5,000 feet of gain that it is considered a good hard ride but a century with 5,000 feet of gain is fairly easy.  
Your challenge is  10K/1M  in other words 10,000 miles with 1,000,000 feet of gain.  
I expect only a handful of riders on our team will be able to accomplish this challenge.  It is a serious undertaking.  
Simple math 365 days —  2,740 feet of gain per day.  Miss one day and you need 5,480 feet to catch up!
2014 Honor Roll 
Lori Hoechlin
Sol Manion
Congratulations to you both!
2.  CLIMB 500,000 feet
Because REV Cycling is a development team I will also offer a challenge for the development riders on the team.  Your challenge is to climb 500,000 feet in 5,000 miles or fewer.  
NEW FOR 2015
Peak Bagging – is a term used to describe hikers and mountaineers that go out to collect as many summits as they can for sport.  We are going to borrow the term for our climbing challenge.  
The REV Cycling Climbing Challenge for 2015 is to bag as many summits in California and United States as possible.  Only one ascent of each of climb will count towards your point total.  Your point total will be determined by adding up all your climbs using the  difficulty rating assigned to each climb for a total value e.g. 
The Bear (the toughest climb in California) has difficulty rating of 5.56 (4,851 gain in 8.8 miles)
Palomar Mountain ranked 11th in California has a difficulty rating of 3.45  (4,731 gain 13.2 miles)
Bag those two climbs and you have accumulated 9.01 points!  
The difficulty rating for each climb along with elevation gain and miles are listed on the images of the spreadsheet  I have attached to this post.
My recommendation is get the list print it out and tick them off as you go along.  You are on the honor system.  
I have included the rest of the United States so that our team members spread out across the country can compete in the challenge.  
In my Utopian fantasy rosy-colored glasses world I see REV Cycling team members opening up their homes and hosting team members wishing to visit different parts of the country and going climbing together.  What could be better than suffering on a mountain climb discovering new roads and making new deep and lasting friendships?
I would like to have your point totals at least monthly so riders can see how they are doing throughout the year.
Thank you to Paul Sims for his assistance in creating the spreadsheets!
Happy climbing!

My Tommasini Tecno


I have been riding this bike quite extensively and it occurred to me that I haven’t made a post on my Tommasini Tecno in some time.  This is a fantastic riding bike.  I strongly believe the steel fork makes all the difference when riding a steel bike.  You MUST experience the difference of riding a steel fork again.  Disclaimer: I am an authorized Tommasini dealer if you care to purchase one please contact me at revcycling@gmail.com

Ritchey Road Logic 2.0 Product Review – Initial Impressions


A much more detailed report will follow.  But in the meantime, I honestly can’t figure out what all the hype about carbon bikes is all about.  Having ridden this bike almost 500 miles in varied road conditions i.e. smooth pavement, rough pavement, dirt and gravel, it escapes me why someone needs to spend $5,000 on a carbon bicycle frame! This is a FANTASTIC riding steel bicycle frame at a great and affordable price!  MSRP is $1,049.95

I have often told my customers that I can tell if I’m going to like or be impressed by a bike in the first 10 pedals strokes out of my driveway.  It’s the same with saddles, wheels, tires you name it.  But I know some of you out there want to see a longer evaluation period so I will continue to ride and enjoy this bike.  I will report back after I have reached a certain mileage milestone.  Tomorrow is a very big riding day and I am excited to spend my day on the Ritchey Road Logic 2.0!

The crew is assembled for the 308


In the eleventh hour Alin has stepped up and volunteered to crew for team Hutton’s Vireo.  Thank you in advance for your selfless dedication and devotion to getting us to the finish line!

The 308 is almost exactly 2 months since I was cleared to ride from my broken hip back in January 2014.  I am blessed to have Alin returning as my crew chief.  I am doubly blessed with having Lori Hoechlin as my relay teammate.  She has been riding really strong this year.  I only hope I don’t slow her down too much 🙂

I will put SPOT transmitter so if you are interested in following us on the 308 race course please look for the link in the next couple of days!  If you are local to Southern California please make an effort to be at the Start/Finish hotel and support AdventureCORPS, crews and racers!


Saturday 5/31 630am start time

Hyatt Regency Valencia 24500 Town Center Drive (at McBean Pkwy), Valencia, CA 91355, 661-799-1234.

All for now…


Alin Lupas Crew Chief

Lori Hoechlin Racer

George “Red-Eyed Vireo” Vargas racer


Product Review – Diadora Vector Pro Cycling Shoes

I am very excited to do a product review on the new Diadora Vector Pro Cycling shoes.

MSRP $399

A few quick notes I wear a Specialized S-Works, Suplest a Switzerland company, and Shimano.  I am also wearing a Diadora Vector Pro 45.

Right out of the box the fit and finish was extraordinary!  The stitching work was immaculate.

The upper is made from large panels to minimize seams.

The insole supplied is a throw-away insole.  I use a Specialized insole.  I replaced it immediately.

There are a few good days of riding in this next week I will report back after a few hundred miles.

You can browse the Diadora Vector Pro here