Ride and Run

After my 25 mile recovery ride on my Fixed Gear I went for a run.  1.5 hours nice easy pace.  It turned out to be 9 miles.  I’ll need to adjust my heart rate in the “sport specific zones”. As I view this graph it shows I was in “hard intensity” zone.  I didn’t feel that at all.  I don’t have much faith in Heart Rate training anyway since I use a power meter on the bike.  I will adjust my max Heart Rate so that my perceived effort coincides with what the software thinks is a hard effort.

Training Run #4

I went for a run today. Every other weekend I have my son. I make it a point not to ride my bike so that I can spend time with him. So today’s run we did together while he was riding his little BMX bike and me on foot. Ollie our black Lab mix is slowing building up his base miles. I did the first six miles with my son and Ollie and then dropped them off at the house and ran around the block for an additional two miles.

My left achilles started to hurt at mile 4.1 and my right didn’t start to hurt until mile 6.5. Overall I felt good, but Brandy is urging me to take this running thing easily until after Furnace Creek 508.

Total run was 8.2 miles in an 1:19

9:13 pace with a max of 6:58

I’m a destination runner

I realized or rather confirmed that I just can’t run for time. I went out for a run today. As part of my plan to increase my mileage slowly I was scheduled to run 30 minutes. But once I got out on the road I needed some thing or some place tangible to feel satisfied with my run. 15 minutes into my run I was half-way between cross-streets. At that point felt like I hadn’t “gone” anywhere. I decided to run to the beach and ended up with 46 minutes and 5.2 miles.

As far as aches and pains my cardiovascular fitness is good. My left Achilles tendon started to hurt 15 minutes into the run and my right Achilles started to hurt about 30 minutes into the run. Let’s hope over time those things toughen up and those pains go away. In the meantime, I will put on my Skins Recovery Tights– I’ve got a long day on my feet tomorrow.

New Quest– Ultra Endurance Athlete

In my new quest to become an Ultra Endurance Athlete I have started running again. I have only run twice in three days and the runs have been really short so nothing that can considered EPIC— yet. But in talking to a few runners that have come into the store lately I thought it would be cool to broaden my Ultra experience into other sports.

I’ve always enjoyed running but had to give it up because of chronic shin splints and a groin injury. Before the new millennium I was running 5ks, 10ks and half marathons in hopes of running a full marathon. That goal never materialized because of the aforementioned injuries. That goal is still out there and I eventually would like to compete or complete the Death Valley Cup (DVC). The DVC includes the Badwater Ultramarathon (135 miles running race) and the Furnace Creek 508 (508 mile bike race). Sure it’s a lofty goal but why not?

It’s been 10 years since I’ve done any running. My runs have been short and based on time. I went out for two 20 minute runs. The pace was slow about 9:30 for Saturday. Then yesterday, Monday, I ran at an 8:30 pace. I felt fine during the runs but I am experiencing some soreness today– particularly in my calves. I need to take it really slow. Building my running base must be progressive or I’ll risk reinjuring myself.

First running goal will be to run the Lasse Viren 20km trail run in Malibu on December 13, 2009. From there build towards my first marathon.

The running will be done as part of my off-season cross training. The Furnace Creek 508 on October 2-3, 2009 is the goal race for this season.