031610 Tuesday Coffee Crew


Entire workout (133 watts):

Duration:   …..3:11:33 (3:26:50)
Work:   ……    1531 kJ
TSS:    …….    142.2 (intensity factor 0.679)
Norm Power:.. 190
VI:      ……….   1.43
Pw:HR:  …..     63.7%
Pa:HR:   ……    64.51%
Distance: ……  54.98 mi
                     Min….. Max….. Avg
Power:       0….. 806…… 133 watts
Heart Rate:   0….. 188……. 95 bpm
Cadence:     30…. 239…… 85 rpm
Speed:       0 ……43……..17.2 mph
Pace         1:23.. 0:00…. 3:30 min/mi
Hub Torque:   0…. 340…… .54 lb-in
Crank Torque: 0…. 1019…. 132 lb-in

Newport Coast Dr:

Duration:   7:23
Work:       131 kJ
TSS:       14.9 (intensity factor 1.099)
Norm Power: 308 ( 4.5 w/kg)
VI:         1.03
Pw:HR:       n/a
Pa:HR:       n/a
Distance:   1.852 mi
Elevation Gain:     383 ft
Elevation Loss:   0 ft
Grade:     4.0 %  (388 ft)

Power:       0…. 463……. 298 watts (4.4 w/kg)
Cadence:     38….225…….. 92 rpm
Speed:       2.4….19.1….. 14.9 mph
Pace         3:09….24:46…. 4:02 min/mi
Altitude:     231… 622…… 427 ft
Crank Torque: 0….. 452…… 275 lb-in

Wednesday Ride plus Warner Loop


90 miles 

Entire workout (167 watts):
Duration:   4:50:24 (5:01:55)
Work:       2913 kJ
TSS:       276.3 (intensity factor 0.757)
Norm Power: 208 (3 w/kg)
VI:         1.25
Pw:HR:       11.24%
Pa:HR:       -11.54%
Distance:   89.51 mi

Min.. Max.. Avg
Power:       0… 946… 167 watts
Heart Rate:   7… 179… 147 bpm
Cadence:     30.. 212… 84 rpm
Speed:       2.2. 44.4.. 18.8 mph
Pace         1:21. 26:49.. 3:12 min/mi
Crank Torque: 0.. 1257… 171 lb-in

Today’s weight 149lb 

I was late leaving my house. I arrived at the ride start a few minutes after they had rolled.   So  me and another rider, Matt, chased to catch the group.  I had to chase almost 27 miles.  Basically, I chased from my home in Huntington Beach to the start,19 miles, and then another 8 miles into their ride.  In the graph above you see my best 60 mins of the day and yes it turned out to be all the chasing I had to do JUST to get to the ride. 


Peak 60min (199 watts):
Duration:   1:00:00
Work:       715 kJ
TSS:       71 (intensity factor 0.842)
Norm Power: 232  (3.43 w/kg)
VI:         1.17
Pw:HR:       -13.49%
Pa:HR:       1.36%
Distance:   17.572 mi
                  Min .Max…Avg
Power:       0……640..199 watts
Heart Rate:   99….177…157 bpm
Cadence:     30….196..81 rpm
Speed:       2.2.. 37.4..17.7mph
Pace         1:36..26:49..3:24min/mi
Crank Torque: 0……889…211 lb-in

Because I’m an Ultra cyclist I find it interesting that many of my best 60 minutes of power are without the group on the group rides.  It just goes to show there is a lot of drafting going on in the pack and that I need to be careful not to get spoiled since I can’t draft in many of my Ultra races.  I would like to just sit out front and ride tempo the whole ride and see what type of numbers I come home with as a comparison.  

New 1 min Peak Power


My “new” 1 minute peak power number.  It is the same as the one I had back in August.  I’m calling it new because I lost all my data.  I now have a file to reference to if I want to look it up.
Today’s weight 148lbs
534 watts /  67.13 kg = 7.95 w/kg
Which puts me at mid Cat 3 on the power profile chart above.

I thought I PR’d Newport Coast Dr

I did hill repeats on Newport Coast Dr today.  Newport Coast Dr is the local hill riders do their repeats.  The  grade is a little steeper at the bottom (1/8 mile) and then settles in around 6.5% grade.  The hill is 1.5 miles with 450 feet of gain. On one of my repeats (last one) I was feeling pretty good so I “punched it”.  My goal was to hold 310Watts – 320 Watts (held 314W). I thought I had PR’d (Personal Record) but in fact I was about 5 seconds slower.  As many of you know my hard drive on my PC is not working so I have to set all new benchmarks.  It turns out that 7:26 to climb the hill is actually 5 seconds slower than my actual PR.

The climb was a solo effort.  I believe I am capable of a faster time if I was with a group of riders.  I am hopeful that  I will best the 7:21 PR in the coming months.

Today’s weight 149.5 lbs or 67.81 kg

314 W divided by 67.81kg = 4.63 w/kg

Screen shot of my Power Tap download on Training Peaks wko 3.0

Screen shot from Power Agent

New Peak 20 min Power Numbers

I just recently had my hard drive crash on my home PC.  Ok Mac users I’m leaving it wide open for you to tease me.  Anyway, I have lost all my power files for the last 5 years- a travesty I know.  So I’m starting with new power data and today on the “Friday Ride”  I hit my new 20 minute peak power number.

New 3.0 GET IT!

Normalized Power 277 watts
Today’s Weight 147.5 lbs or 66.90 kg

4.14 w/kg for 20 minutes