George’s next Epic Adventure– Park City Point to Point MTB race

That’s right folks I’m going outside my comfort zone of road bike ultras.  I will be doing the Park City Point to Point Mountain Bike Race.  The organizers say it is about 80 miles with 14,000 feet of gain and 90% single track.  Starting elevation about 7,000 going to 9,500 feet.  I wish to thank my good friends at The Pro Bar (the best tasting bars 😉 ) for getting me in entry to the event which sold out in 6 minutes!! By some accounts it is much harder than Leadville because it is much more technical without the fire roads and paved sections.  I function relatively well at altitude but I’ve also been doing CVAC sessions which will help me race at altitude. 

I have only been on a MTB three times in my life and it doesn’t look like I will get much time between now and September 3 to train on a MTB. 

What are my expectations?

1.  To finish

2.  To not crash too badly so that …. refer to #1

3.  To ride comfortably and finish mid-pack…refer to #1

Here is the Garmin Connect player for the event

Furnace Creek 508 2009

T- 17 days until Furnace Creek 508 2009. I go into this event burnt-out from a full year of ultra racing. My season began with the San Diego 200km Brevet back in Jan 3rd and will end with FC508 on Oct 3rd, a full 10 months! Follow labels such as Race Reports, races, Brevets, or training, mountains, high intensity to read up all the races and training leading up to the Furnace Creek 508, my goal event of the year.

On my website, the link “Race Reports”. There you will find 2006, 2007 and 2008 Furnace Creek 508 Race Reports. Or you could “skip the book and see the movie” here in my video gallery.

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Everest Challenge Race Report

Everest Challenge was a bust. Sorry to disappoint but I had to DNF.

I came down with something on Wednesday night. More like early Thursday morning. I had trouble getting to sleep with an upset stomach. Then in the wee morning hours I began vomiting and the other thing. I went to work Thursday knowing I would be off on Friday. I couldn’t keep anything down and I was feeling lousy but I made it through the day. Thursday night I didn’t sleep well either.

On Friday, we drove to Bishop still wondering if I would feel better. It wasn’t the case. At dinner I was still having GI issues. That evening I took some Immodium.

On Saturday, I thought I have to be better by now. I lined up for the hardest USCF race in California– and about 5 hours I DNF’d. I had not been able to fuel as I needed to and I also had been to the bathroom three times. My stomach was in knots and revolting to anything I was putting in.

So there you have it. Months of training for EC and I had to DNF half-way through the first of two days.

Well there is always next year. I was very conflicted at first but now I am good with it. I DNF’d because there is no way I would have ever finished that race. Even more accurately I SHOULD HAVE NEVER STARTED THE RACE.

Now it’s time to focus on the Furnace Creek 508.