Chloe has left me for another man

Chloe is my Cervelo Soloist.  I posted my bike on ebay with lots of trepidation.  Chloe was always one of my favorite bikes.  She also had sentimental value since I completed Race Across America on her.

I watched for seven days as the bidding was stalled at just above my opening bid of $1500.  I thought “oh no she’s gonna go cheap!”  As the days went the watch list increased but the bidding didn’t move above $1700.  It might help to know that this was my first ever ebay bike sale so I didn’t know what to expect.  I have been hoarding bikes for the last six years and I haven’t been very good at selling them off. Fast forward to the last 1 hour of the sale.  I was still worried that Chloe would go cheap but then the thoughts of her going to a good home became more important.

Well let me tell you I’m very pleased the way things turned out.  Chloe was paid for properly and she is going to a good home too.  It’s with mixed feelings that I am letting her go but she is being sacrificed for the bigger picture.