Thanksgiving Day Ride

On my ride today (Thanksgiving Day) I rode up to the top of Ridge Park in Orange County, California. Beautiful day with morning temps in the low 40’s and highs in the 70’s. Here are some pictures of Sasha, Soloist SL w/Di 2 and Wireless 7900 SRM with mountains in the background.

and just for the heck of it a shot of Newport Harbor and the Pacific Ocean below.

Sasha Gets a Makeover- Cervelo Soloist SL with SRM 7900 Wireless Power Meter and Shimano Di2


Sasha got a makeover last night.  She is now equipped with Shimano Di2 7970 electronic Dura-Ace.  I am also running the Dura-Ace Tubeless wheels.  The Dura-Ace wheels are already the best riding wheels I have in my wheel inventory –  going tubeless just increased the ride comfort one more notch.  Along with the Dura-Ace wheels, and Di2 I also installed my SRM 7900 Wireless Power Meter on Sasha.  This is just about the closest I can come to dream bike!  Only thing left to do is upgrade the frame to a Cervelo S3…hmmm.