Meet Felicia

My relationship with Felt Bicycles has gone to the next level.  The benefits of our new partnership are mutual.  Felt Bicycles recognized the value of supporting an influential member of the local recreational and racing scene race.  Additionally, they realized that being associated with a recognizable name in the Ultra cycling community would provide them with yet another potential market– the Ultra cyclist.  Their support helped facilitate the purchase of my new bike.

I will be riding the Felt F2 with Di2 for the remaining races I have on the calendar.  I am very pleased to be working with Felt Bicycles.  The ride quality of their bikes, in particular the  F2 with its Ultra High Modulus  carbon fiber, are truly fantastic.  The bike comes equipped with electronic shifting which is simply amazing.

Below are some pictures I took with my Blackberry which aren’t the highest quality but you get the idea that this is one sweet looking bike.  And then just for kicks, I put on some lightweight tubular wheels and the weight dropped from just under 17 lbs (with a Power Tap training wheelset) to 15lbs.  Very nice!!!

If you haven’t considered a Felt bicycle then you owe it to yourself to take one for a ride.  You will be amazed at the incredible ride quality and will be truly surprised by the bottom bracket stiffness.  I have ridden MANY different bikes and currently own a wide variety of bikes and I can honestly say this is one of the very best riding bikes I have ever ridden.

Zipp Zed Tech 2 Ceramic Bearings super light weight and aero!

8 thoughts on “Meet Felicia

  1. Electronic shifting! Lucky you! I have heard that electronic shifting is buttery smooth.
    Are you going to put a power tap on it?
    Congratulations on the new bike. We can never have too many of them.

    • Electronic Shifting is the bomb!! It is buttery smooth!! I have a Power Tap on it since I use the same wheels on most of my bikes. I am seriously considering an SRM for the future and selling all my Power Taps. Except maybe one so that I can still do field test with my clients.

      Getting a new bike is always exciting. I know have 11 bikes and a tandem. Some might argue I have too many bikes but not me.

  2. Congrats George.

    I’m a longtime reader who has been silently learning from you for sometime.

    Whenever I struggle with a long climb.. I think to how annoyed I was when I read about you hitting various mountains around Death Valley with a **standard crank and a 11-23 cassette** How pretentious! ;-P

    And I struggle at 34×27!

    • Ben,

      Thank you for commenting. I really like to know that people are actually “reading” my blog 🙂

      I guess I forgot to mention how difficult those Death Valley climbs were in 53/39 and the 11-23 :-). Towne especially with all the 12% ramps.

      Later tonight I will post about my training ride today. I’ll also talk about why I’m using an 11-23. Two weeks ago I climbed the same mountain on my Cervelo R3 SL- Rebecca (dedicated climbing bike) which has a 50/34 and a 11-23m. Today on Felicia 53/39 and 11-23. I was faster and had much better power numbers. It was harder and I struggled in a few places. The weather was terrible too.

      Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know if you have questions. Subscribe to my blog and pass it on to a friend.


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