LA Daily News Captures the Red Eyed Vireo on Film

On Thursday when I previewed the Tour of California Stage 6 route, I had a car come up alongside me.  There were two gentlemen in the car.  One was driving, of course, and the other was holding a DSLR camera.  He identified himself as working for the paper and asked if he could take a few pictures and ask a few questions.  I didn’t mind but I also wasn’t going to slow down to have a good ol’ fashioned chin wag.  I was less than two miles from the Dawson Saddle summit, 7901 elevation, on the Angeles Crest Hwy, and I had been climbing for over 3 hours on the 35 mile climb from a starting elevation of  600 foot in Duarte.

He snapped a few pictures asked a few questions asked my name and then was off.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  Actually, I didn’t think they would use pictures of me in their story but a few days later I saw the article online.  Here is the article on The LA Daily News site There is a video available on their site and from there I performed a few screen shots for you below.

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