Glendora Ridge Road

I rode up to Cow Canyon Saddle today. The weather was beautiful! Plenty of snow and ice on the road. Would have been a lot smarter on at least a cross bike. Oh well it was a blast.

As far as training I can’t remember what my PR is for Glendora Mountain Road. So I guess I will call it sub 49 mins and try to beat that from now on.

GMR to post:
Duration: 48:13
Work: 674 kJ
TSS: 97.4 (intensity factor 1.101)
Norm Power: 242 Approx 3.4 w/kg
VI: 1.04
Pw:HR: 9.49%
Pa:HR: -7.81%
Distance: 8.356 mi

Avg 233 watts
Heart Rate 184 bpm
Cadence: 76 rpm
Speed: 10.4 mph
Pace 5:47 min/mi

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