If at first you don’t succeed…

do it again. I did the same century I did last week. I suffered pretty bad last week and I had to go back and redeem myself. I was 22 minutes (total time) faster this week. Some of it is due to leaving the house at 4:14 am instead of 8am as I did last week. But mainly because I had better legs. It was amazing how much fitness I had lost in 8 weeks. What I am most happy with is the non-rolling time to total time is just shy of 8 mins. This route is quite urban so considering all the potential for traffic signals, I’m please with only 8 mins.

I also took the time to route it in Bikely.com or you can find the route sheet here. Brandy created the route and it is a pretty darn good one. Lot’s of bike lanes and there are opportunities to take on extra climbs to add more gain.

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