Fitness Check for Hell’s Gate Hundred

Do you remember a previous post when I mentioned that my body must have been telling me something? Well it definitely was telling me something.  I had been working so hard that week and not sleeping well.  I rode Wednesday about 45 miles at tempo.  Thursday I had a crappy ride and turned around.  Friday I had a better  ride.  But by late Friday afternoon I wasn’t feeling well at all.  By Saturday morning I had a full-on cold. I spent the week going to bed early, sleeping in and not riding.  I kicked it in a week! But more importantly I strongly believe I beat the common cold by increasing my  L-Glutamine doses from Aminopure.

It was my first cold of the season.  I didn’t catch a cold after the Furnace Creek 508 in October.  I didn’t catch a cold or flu when all my shop mates were sick through November, December, January and February but finally in March I got something. Again I strongly believe I owe my immune system’s strength to Aminopure!



ANYway I got a chance to do two hours on Saturday 3/24 and so I went to Torrey Pines in San Diego and did 5 repeats.  A short ride but I wanted to see if I could ride at intensity since I am heading out to Death Valley for the Hell’s Gate Hundred.  Hell’s Gate Hundred is a century in Death Valley with about 10,000 feet.  It is a great event put on by the best organizers in the business AdventureCORPS.

I felt ok, actually much better than expected.  I did the repeats at different intensities and different gear ratios.  I think I will be in decent shape to complete the event but not too compete for the “win”.  I guess I was just checking how much I was going to suffer knowing I wasn’t going to place well.  😉

Here is a summary of the repeats

Repeat Time Normalized Power w/kg
1 6:21 321 4.72
2 5:43 304 4.47 Inside
3 8:01 239 3.51
4 6:58 286 4.21
5 7:19 262 3.85

Torrey Pines Outside 6:21 Normalized Power 321 4.7 w/kg

For more Climb Analysis Data visit my page dedicated to climbs.


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