Hell’s Gate Hundred ….Windstorm

101 miles 8,600 feet of climbing.

Just a quick note until my race report is ready to be published.  The forecast called for high winds and the weather man got it right.  When we started the event we had 20mph headwinds.     Eight hours later when I finished, what should have been a 6 hour century,  they were at least 50 mph.  Unofficially, I believe I came in 3rd.  More to come…

Official results for the 2012 Hell’s Gate Hundred should be posted here

2 thoughts on “Hell’s Gate Hundred ….Windstorm

  1. I dunno what place I finished in, but according to Strava I finished with a time 20 minutes after you (8:22 elapsed time). Before the event I was hoping for a top 15% finish, but now I’m wondering if there was even 10 people total that finished!

    It was memorable for sure.

    Nice chatting with you Friday at registration.

    • Jon,

      Thank you for introducing yourself Friday night. It’s nice to put a face to my blog readers.

      Yes it wwas memorable. Unfortunately, it’s becoming way too familiar for me. Furnace Creek 508 2009 was windier and for a longer stretch of road and time. Death Valley Double Century Spring Edition 2011. And now 2012 Hell’s Gate Hundred. In order of severity

      1. Furnace Creek 508 2009 was the worst
      2. Hell’s Gate Hundred 2012
      3. Death Valley Double Century Spring 2011

      george “Red Eyed Vireo” vargas
      Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame

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