My Friend and Cyclist Bill Walton

What a nice treat during my day…Bill Walton came to visit me.  I met Bill a few years back.  He is a huge cycling fan and avid rider himself.  He likes the long rides.  It’s not unusual to see him on a century ride here and there.  He is close friends with Chris Kostman, Chief Adventure Officer of AdventureCORPS. He comes out to the AdventureCORPS events and that how I got to know him.

I remember at the Furnace Creek 508, Bill Walton was crewing for a team (a huge selfless act) and he came alongside me in the crew vehicle and starting talking to me.  I was over 300 miles and over 20 hours into the race (508 miles).  I was feeling one of the lulls during the long event and just having a conversation with him lifted my spirits.

I am fortunate to have Bill Walton as friend and I look forward to many more years of his friendship.  He is such and easy-going guy it’s easy to like him.  I hope to see him at the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic April 21 (registration closes April 16)


3 thoughts on “My Friend and Cyclist Bill Walton

  1. Awesome! That is one extra extra large framed bike for a very very large framed man! Sounds like a really cool guy. Wish I was able to ride Mount Laguna. Next year.

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