Week in Review November 20-26, 2011

Week Two of Base Miles

Performance Management Chart last 28 days

Ending—Dura—–Dist—- Weight— HR— TSS—- kJ——1min—-5’w—-20’w— 60’w 
11/27——8:39—–151—–155.0——-157—- 427—-4970—- 466—- 317—-211—-188
11/20——6:14——-99—–155.0——-154—- 292—-3458—- 468—- 286—-213—-180

I rode three days for a total of 8 hours 39 minutes and 151 miles. Two additional hours and 52 more miles than last week.  Training Stress Score was 427 and kilojoules 4970.  Two items of notable mention:

1.  Peak 5 minute wattage on the inside of Torrey Pines about a 10% grade.

2.  Max wattage on a couple of “sprints” on Saturday’s Bike Religion shop ride Max of 1140 watts and then an additional sprint of 1082 watts.

The three rides were 40 miles, 45 miles and a 40 miles. I am slowing building my base and motivation to ride after almost a month and half off the bike.

112411 Thanksgiving Day--5 minute effort inside Torrey Pines 317 watts Normalized 355 watts

Bike Religion Shop Ride Map

Bike Religion Shop Ride Elevation Graph

112611 Bike Religion Shop Ride - Two Sprints 1140 watts and 1082 watts

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