Week in Review November 27- Dec 4, 2011

Week Three of Base Miles

Performance Management Chart last 28 days

Ending—Dura—–Dist—- Weight— HR— TSS—- kJ——1min—-5’w—-20’w— 60’w 

12/4—— 11:18—–207—– 155.0——- 159—-529—-7167—-337—–279—-239—–204

11/27——8:39—–151——155.0——-157—- 427—-4970—- 466—- 317—-211—-188

11/20——6:14——-99—–155.0——-154—- 292—-3458—- 468—- 286—-213—-180

This is the third week of a three week build period.  I will now have a recovery week.

I rode six straight days one rest day and then rode a seventh day for a total of 11 hours 18 minutes and 207 miles. A little more than two additional hours and 56 more miles than last week.  Training Stress Score was up from  427 to 529 and kilojoules was up from 4970 to 7167.  Remember the kilojoules is closely related to calories expended.  Notice how on the Performance Management Chart my Acute Training Load is up from 53.2 to 72.6 and the Chronic Training Load was up from 30.8 to 39.2.  Two items of notable mention:

1.  A good climbing ride Santiago Canyon, Silverado Canyon and Santiago Canyon

2.  A good climbing ride in North County San Diego Old Castle, Couser Canyon, Rice Canyon

113011 Wednesday ride Santiago Canyon Silverado Canyon and back Santiago Canyon

Twin Oaks, Old Castle, Couser Canyon, Rice Canyon Hwy 395

Garmin Download here

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