Week in Review- November 14-19, 2011

My training for the 2012 season began this week.  I am easing back into training because I was off the bike about a month and a half after the Furnace Creek 508.

Ending–Duration—Distance—- Weight—- HR—TSS—- kJ— 1 min–5 min–20 min 60 min
11/20— 6:14:58—— 99.48—— 155.0—– 154— 292– 3458—- 468— 286—- 213—- 180

Above is a summary of my training week.  I trained four consecutive days, a little over 6 hours, for about 100 miles, I weighed about 155 lbs (I’m up 5lbs in the off-season), Average Heart Rate 154 Beats per Minute, Training Stress Score 292, Kilojoules 3,458 (closely related to calories) average peak power numbers for 1 minute 468 watts, 5 minutes 286 watts, 20 minutes 213 watts and 1 hour 180 watts.

I did two easy workouts on flat terrain of an hour each.   The goal first day was maintaining a 90 Rpm cadence.  On day two the goal was 95 Rpm Cadence. Below is an image of day two — 95 Rpm.

Cadence Goal of 95 Rpm for the entire workout

I did two hill repeat workouts.  The first day I did repeats on Newport Coast Dr. with the following variations: “First repeat two legs, Second ILT 50 strokes, Third ILT 75 strokes, Fourth two legs”   The second workout was one ascent on each of the following hills Spyglass, San Joaquin, Newport Coast, Vista Ridge, Ridge Park, and Pelican Hill.  Below is an image of day two of hill work which resulted in roughly 20 miles and 2,500 feet of gain.

Climbing section was 20 miles and 2,500 feet of gain

As my training progresses over the next couple of months the elevation gain and mileage will increase significantly.  I have to ease into my training for two reasons.  The first reason is being off the bike since October 9th and the second being the season is really long.  Staying focused from November until October is quite difficult.

Garmin Ride Files

Tuesday 11/15/11

Wednesday 11/16/11

Thursday 11/17/11

Friday 11/18/11

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