Everest Challenge in ONE day….

For years I have had this crazy idea of doing all six climbs (29,000 feet of climbing) in the Everest Challenge stage race in ONE day.  It is the California/Nevada state climbing championship held over two days.  The first day has three climbs with 15,500 feet of gain and then another 13,500 feet of gain over three climbs on the second day.  The event is held in late September and directed by my friend Steve Barnes.  I would like to know if anyone has heard of a rider doing all six climbs in one sitting.  Please ask your friends if they have heard of anyone doing all six climbs in one day and then report back here and comment on my blog.

Here are the graphs for the two days of climbing.

Event Website — Everest Challenge

14 thoughts on “Everest Challenge in ONE day….

  1. I don’t know of anybody who has ever done that but my legs fell off while I read it. George, are you out of your freekin mind?

  2. I love it. It’s sick.but I love it. I am going up there in 3 weeks doing day 1 of EC. I have done every climb in 2’s but to do 6 in 1 day. Ouch.
    I don’t think it’s been done. Remember Contador was having nightmares about the Giro stage, and that was 21K.

  3. You’re nuts! If you do it, I will provide domestic duties every time I ride with you! Any chance you’re doing the Mt. Whitney SR? I might be doing, I haven’t committed.

  4. George,
    This is an awesome idea. I’m a little surprised nobody thought of it before you. But then again somebody probably did, and then sobered up. In any case if anybody can pull it off, I’d put my money on you…well actually I’d put my money on Jure, but since he’s no longer with us, I’ll put my money on you. With your experience I don’t think this is a fool hearty idea…you know exactly what your up against. You’ve done the EC challenge and won the 508 right after that, if I remember correctly. I have a great appreciation for this ride. I spent many years rock climbing in the area only to rediscover road biking last year at the age of 46. I wanted to do the EC challenge last year after only having my road bike for 6 months. I went up in August in 100 plus temps and did EC challenge day one in two days to train. Unfortunately I ended up getting old man’s knees after that, and had to shelf the idea of the EC Challenge. Keep us posted, will be following closely…well actually I’ll be quite a way’s back, but following none the less.

    • David,

      Thank you for reading my blog. I checked out YOUR blog. Man you got some great pictures on there. I liked the one of the bridemaids all airborne barefooted and their shoes lined up under them.

      EC One will be quite a challenge. I don’t know if I really can complete it. I went out yesterday climbing Angeles Crest Hwy and suffered so bad. I guess I will just have to get out there and do it and if I fail go back and do it again.


      • Hey George,
        Thank you for the compliment. Photography is always a group effort and it’s always nice when everything comes together and produces an image that someone enjoys looking at.
        I went up and did the first leg this weekend (millpond to mosquito) and got my ass handed to me…and loved every minute. Sounds like you just had an off day on the AC.
        I think EC in a day for you is doable. I don’t know if anybody has done it. But a day is technically 24 hours, in rock climbing when the first party to climb el cap in a day, they were trying to do it under 24 hours. I think the record now is under 3 hours.
        With your time of around 16 hours for both days, with good support I think you can pull it off. Don’t most people feel totally worked after the first day, but after a night sleep, get rejuvinated for the second day? If you have even a 3-4 hour sleep, it might be enough to feel some freshness to complete the “second day” If I had more free time, I’d love to sag, and take pics.
        In any case, keep us posted if you decide to go for it.

        • David,

          I never thought of photography as a group effort but you are right!

          You rode to Mosquito? How was the road? Was it closed? Rocks, Snow?

          Yes a day is technically 24 hours but as an ultra-cyclist I wouldn’t sleep in my first 24 hours otherwise it wouldn’t be an ultra lol!

          Wow what an hour it would be to have someone of your caliber taking pictures of my adventures!


  5. Hey George,

    Yes, I road from Millpond to Mosquito on Saturday. It was open and clean, no rocks or snow. A little snow up near the top in the picnic area—not much.

    Hope to be able to get back up there in a couple weeks.

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