3 thoughts on “Spot Connect

  1. awesome, great idea!

    how about a helmet cam too that uploads regular shots? I’m kidding.. but man.. that would be totally cool.

    I’ll be watching you from work, weird isn’t it? Some guy you don’t know watching your progress on killing yourself. Enjoy the suffering!

  2. Well, if any one can do it, I’d put my money on you. What day are you doing it? Are you riding without any assistance? Have you been checked over by a doctor (the mental one)?

    Naw, I’m also a nut job who loves big challenges it’s just yours are twice as big as mine and you’re a lot faster so I watch you do these crazy rides and then I try something similar. You’ve got a lot of folks talking about this one. Good Luck!!!

    • Mike,

      Thank you for you vote of confidence. EC One It will certainly hurt. I am planning on have a little assistance because it somewhat remote. Not really but there just aren’t enough stores on the course.

      Stay tuned…


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