Everest Challenge 29,000 feet of climbing…Done!

Hello everyone and thank you for checking in on my blog.  I am tired and not really in the mood for a long race report so I’ll be brief.  I completed my third Everest Challenge on Sunday 9/26/10.  I suffered in the heat.  On both days I had great climbs on climb #1 and climb #2 but then the heat would be there for climb #3.  It was not my worst showing but I should have done much better.  I expected to do much better.

Today is Monday 9/27/10 and I am in full recovery mode as I am racing the Furnace Creek 508 in less than a week.  Most of you think I’m crazy for doing Everest Challenge and the Furnace Creek 508 in a week’s time.  Well I probably am but…I just want to test my limits.  People ask me why I do ultras…it’s because I want to test the limits of human endurance…my limits.  I’m not interested in placing high.  I’m interested in finding out where is my low.  Where is the bottom?  Where is the point where I say “Man this is it …you’re broken.”


Felt F2 with Di2, SRM Dura-Ace 7900 Wireless Power Meter Crankset 53/39, Cassette 11-28, Zipp Zed Tech 2, PRO Turnix Saddle and Carbon Vibe Stem.


My unofficial time is 15:23.  Below are the elevation charts.  When the official results are posted  I’ll post a race report.  I am curious to see how many DNF’s and No Shows on day two.  Thank you for tuning in.

I want to thank Infinit Nutrition for supporting me in my Epic Adventures.  Please look into customizable nutrition to help you perform better.  I used Infinit Nutrition on Everest Challenge and will use it on the Furnace Creek 508!

Day one of Everest Challenge

Day 2 of Everest Challenge

6 thoughts on “Everest Challenge 29,000 feet of climbing…Done!

  1. Awesome job, George. I think doing FC508 is a great idea after doing the EC. But to be honest just getting one of these accomplished is a great feat. I have a few friends who did the EC and they said it was the hardest thing they’ve ever done. What’s your totem and are you on a team or solo for FC?

    • Mikr,

      Thank you for reading my blog.

      I want to see how much “doing the double” will break me down. When did your friends do the Everest Challenge. This year was really hot!!! The DNF’s and No Shows for the second day will prove to be substantial.

      My totem is the Red Eyed Vireo. I race in the solo category.

    • David,

      Thank you for reading my blog.

      If you go next year to the Everest Challenge please make sure you are doing long steep sustained climbing. Most people are shocked by the steep grades of the Eastern Sierras. They are like nothing you experience anywhere else. People that come from Colorado suffer because the Eastern Sierra grades catch them off-guard.

      Good luck.

  2. Wow, everest and then 508! U boggle my mind and are an inspiration to what a person can accomplish if u set ur mind to it! Good luck this weekend, can’t wait to see the report!

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