2010 Furnace Creek 508 Crew is Assembled

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce my crew members for my fifth consecutive Furnace Creek 508 Steve Crew Chief, Jaime and Rachel.

Steve - Crew Chief

Steven is a veteran of several 508s, centuries, double centuries, and sub-zero winter commutes in Wisconsin..

He is the Race Director of the Everest Challenge and a growing schedule of mountain rides mostly in the Eastern Sierra.  Our team goal is to do whatever it takes to get the Red Eyed Vireo to Twentynine Palms!


Rachel has been cycling for a very short time, so she has little to report in that area.  She is enthusiastic about the opportunity to see the 508 first hand and contribute to the success of the Red Eyed Vireo!


Since January 2009 I have completed 12 brevets, including my first super randonneur series in 2010, and have ridden more than 6800 total kilometers.  I have also achieved a RUSA R-12 in September 2010.  I truly enjoy the challenge of riding ultra distances usually with little to no support.  I bring to Team Red Eye Vireo, and my first FC 508, the ability to focus on and overcome the challenges that the race will provide and help George Vargas cross the finish line a fifth consecutive time.

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