2010 June End of the Month Numbers

Another month comes to a close.  June was a good month with the focus on the 10 Toughest Climbs in California being a main impetus for getting me on the bike.  I can happily report that after two months of dealing with my own personal shit I am back on the bike on a more regular basis.  As you can see by the cumulative data below I have turned up the heat.

1.  65 hours on the bike for the month of June.  The largest amount of hours since February

2.  Largest amount of mileage, 979,  since February

3.  Highest TSS- Training Stress Score–3375,  since February

4.  Highest Kj- Kilojoules,  36,217, since February

From May to June my kj per hour (k/hr) also increased – an indication of a little higher intensity in my training. 538 k/hr to 556 k/hr, respectively . I will continue to increase that number slightly but not until I taper off the mileage and climbing and start riding more group rides will that number significantly go up.

The Performance Management Chart from Training Peaks wko 3.0,  shows a steady upward slope on the BLUE line which depicts the chronic stress I have put on my body over the last 42 days.  Things are progressing nicely.  I have a sore throat today, actually the last three days, but no illness or injuries to report–ONWARD!!!!!

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