Wednesday Ride

On today’s Wednesday Endurance ride,  I sat out front, in the wind, for the first portion of the ride.  I wanted to hold above 3.0 w/kg for the entire ride. The second portion of the ride has a lot of paceline and drafting which lowers my overall average.   I ended up with 2.9 w/kg in average power.  Normalized Power was 238 watts or 3.5 w/kg — exactly where I wanted to end up for 2 hours.

In the last three Wednesday rides I have lowered the time spent in Active Recovery mode from over 50% down to today’s 34%.

Notice the difference of these three Wednesday Rides.  Notice the Average and Normalized Power increasing.  The main reason for the increase in wattage is because I am spending less and less time in the bunch and getting out in the wind.  The goal is to start getting used to riding solo again.  There is no drafting on the Furnace Creek 508.

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