Quick ride after work – Warner Loop

As I try to get back on my bike and back into my training mode I need to recognize that consistency is important and sometimes more important than quantity.  Furthermore, the QUALITY of my training is most important of all.  I need to not be so focused on getting in big rides with big miles and elevation gain.  Even if I just go out for a short ride as long as I stay consistent and keep quality in mind I will get back into good form. Today marks my third consecutive day on the bike.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.  I hope to do another ride tomorrow.

Keeping consistency in mind I went out today after work for an easy spin and then an interval on the return leg of the out and back loop.  It was only 1 hour 19 minutes and 21 miles.

Entire workout

The graph and data box below show a 25 minute interval I did on my return leg from Warner.  I started out steady and continued to increased the power.  You will notice a lot of drops — unfortunately when you ride the coast there are a lot of traffic signals.  Nonetheless, I had a good interval and I can use this workout/interval as a benchmark and check back in a couple of months to see how my fitness has progressed.

Training Peaks for interval

Data from 25 minute interval. My Normalized Power of 246 watts is 3.74 w/kg

2 thoughts on “Quick ride after work – Warner Loop

    • Hello Dave, Thanks for stopping by. Power data is the ONLY real measurement to evaluate your performance, progression towards fitness or lack there of. I’ve got another post going up tonight from my long intervals on the Warner Loop. Stay tuned…

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