Two Tempo Workouts Today

Warner Loop from the shop

Data for Warner Loop

My first workout was a 20 mile loop from the shop to Warner.  It’s as flat as you can get around here.  My workout goal was to ride Tempo.  I was surprised that my legs didn’t feel as bad as I thought they would considering the amount of climbing I did yesterday.  As a recap I climbed up to Dawson Saddle on Hwy 39 and more.  Look below for the graphs.  Without the descent back to the car the ride was tough I did 12, 275 feet of climbing in 74 miles.

Just the climbing section was 12,275 feet of gain in 74 miles -- 166 feet gained per mile more than Breathless Agony by 6 feet

Data for just the climbing section 12,275 in 74 miles wow!


Breathless Agony claims to be the toughest century in Southern California.  Well I will definitely say that the Breathless is one tough century.  Just by chance it looks like I have found more vertical gain in the same amount of miles.  According the table above the Death Ride has 136 feet of climbing per mile, Breathless has 160 feet per mile, and my ride from yesterday had 166 feet of gain per mile.

Workout #2– San Clemente Loop

After doing the Warner Loop I stopped in to visit my friend Ryan at his jobby- job.  I got a little lazy and almost bagged it for the day.  I was off the bike almost an hour visiting and it was getting harder and harder to get on the road. But hey it was my day off and I needed to do more than just 20 miles right? I thought and thought about where I would go for my second ride of the day.   Eventually, I decided to ride to San Clemente and back.  Not very original I know but since I don’t commute all the way to Encinitas (used to commute 70 miles each way 2-3 times a week) anymore I rarely go that far south for training rides.  To make the ride more interesting I would “attack” the rollers and make it harder than just a “coastal ride”.

Attacking the rollers really sapped my legs.  On my return trip, I climbed Newport Coast Dr (1.55 miles at about 6.5%) and could barely hold 230 watts.  Fatigue had set in and I was limping up the climb.  But amazingly I recovered on the downhill of San Joaquin Hills Road and did a few sprints just to really finish off my legs on the rollers in the final miles of my ride.  I hit 615w, 746w, 916w, 1,004w,  and 979w on my last one.  No my legs were thoroughly thrashed ….until tomorrow 😉

It was a good two days of training.  I haven’t been on my bike much in the last two months so these two days were a kick start into my training.

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