San Diego 300km Brevet 2/6/10

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog…

Sorry for the delay but my home computer is defunct.  And if I take a day off of work to race I am swamped when I get back to work.  But here is the headline…I finished the San Diego 300km Brevet first with an unofficial time of 12 hours 2 minutes.  It was 177 miles and 13,000+ feet of climbing.  As soon as I can get my home computer situation sorted out I will be able to create a race report.  Yeah yeah I know it’s not a race. But if the event is timed I’m racing it 😉

It rained for almost the entire 12 hours I was on course.  I was soaked from the beginning to the end of the brevet.  I was miserable and it took an enormous amount of will power and stubborness to complete the event. I considered DNF’ing multiple times but I continued on hoping just hoping the conditions would get better.  They didn’t but I was still making forward progress on the course.  Eventually the mileage accumulated enough where I was counting down and that was easier to cope with.

Stay tuned for a complete report.

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