Renaissance Sport Club Bike Religion Ride

Yesterday I did a mellow ride which I may attend more often and use it in my training program as a recovery ride.  As part of our efforts in developing new riders, Bike Religion sponsors a ride at the Renaissance Sport Club in Aliso Viejo.  Our interests are providing a safe, non-competitive environment to help spin class attendees transition safely into becoming road cyclists. Some of the obstacles that prevent spin class goers from getting on the road are:

1. What routes are safe to ride 
2. The potential hazards such as road debris

3. The fear of co-existing with SUV’s
4. Finding people to ride with that have common training goals
5. Finding people to ride with that have similar ability levels

We hope to provide a solution to some if not all of these obstacles and help cyclists of all ability levels enjoy the sport we at Bike Religion are so passionate about.

I am providing a couple of links and to Garmin downloads so that riders interested in the ride can get a lay of the land.  And just for kicks I am including my power chart.  I worked hard on a couple of rollers so that one of the ride attendees, Trey, would have someone to work with. You will notice around mile 17 there appears to be 3 hills that are almost exactly the same.  That’s because they are lol! I completed the hill and went back for a straggler.  Mile 17ish would be a right turn off of Pacific Coast Hwy onto Crown Valley Parkway.

Here is the player from a Garmin GPS download.  (you will notice a small box with four arrows next to the turtle/rabbit slider– click for full screen mode)

Below is an interactive map of the Renaissance Sport Club Saturday ride. (you may click on “View Path in Full” for full screen)

Here is the link to Ride with GPS

Download off my Power Tap onto Training Peaks WKO 3.0

Yellow is power
Red is Heart Rate
Blue is Altitude Profile

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