Sunday Century with friends

I had intentions of riding Palomar Mountain on my only day off.  I had worked six days this week and wanted something other than riding the local roads.  But after I sent out an email about my intentions some riders reported that there was ice on the upper slopes of Mount Palomar.  So instead I met with Dave Elsberry and we did a century at a good fast pace in Orange County. 
Our century had lots of rolling terrain and some good climbs I hadn’t ridden before.  We had a good ratio for the first 40 miles– 40 miles 4,000 feet of gain. At some point the climbing was less per mile but the intensity made up for it.  I think we are pretty evenly paced and make good riding partners.  I faded on the last 10 miles but I think I just didn’t fuel properly.  I guess I thought “what’s the big deal? It’s just a century.”  I also flatted twice one rear caused by debris in the bike lane and the other a front flat while descending Sliverado Canyon.

Power Numbers

Entire workout (156 watts):
Duration: 6:12:36
Work: 3491 kJ
TSS: 418.4 (intensity factor 0.823)
Norm Power: 206  (3 w/kg for 6 hours)
VI: 1.32
Pw:HR: 10.26%
Pa:HR: -7.75%
Distance: 101.18 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 980 156 watts
Heart Rate: 7 191 157 bpm
Cadence: 30 212 84 rpm
Speed: 2.2 40.7 16.7 mph
Pace 1:28 26:49 3:36 min/mi
Crank Torque: 0 1007 162 lb-in

Training Peaks 3.0 screen shot from my Power Tap Download
I avgd 3.6 w/kg in my first hour because I was riding with a former pro Sean Nealy

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