Exciting News –New Nutrition Sponsor- INFINIT NUTRITION

I am pleased to announce that Infinit Nutrition and I have come to a satisfactory and beneficial sponsorship agreement for the 2010 season.

If you haven’t heard of Infinit Nutrition you can become familiar with them at their site here.  Their success is in creating customized nutrition solutions for endurance athletes.  Whether you ride, hike, climb, paddle, swim, or you do multi-sports racing or training Infinit can tailor a formula for your specific needs.  The convenience of having everything you need in one bottle is very key to me as an Ultra distance cyclist.  Having to fumble for capsules for my electrolytes, or having an “off the shelf” formula that is too heavy in protein is not only an inconvenience but can hinder my overall performance.

With Infinit, I can have multiple formulas based on the racing conditions.  Let’s say for example I am racing in really hot climate and I want more electrolytes but less calories because I will be drinking more than one bottle an hour I can dial in that formula and have a batch made. Or maybe I will be completely unsupported and need more protein and more calories I can have that formula made — custom just for me. 

Please visit their site and work with the sliders and customized your own nutrition today!  When you place your order use “Vireo” for your discount code and receive 10% off of your order!

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