72 Miles with 7200 feet

Tick mark #6 is the top of Nyes Place.

I love it! They give you a warning LOL!

It’s not until the top that you see you have 3/4 of a mile to climb at 20% grade after that 3/4 mile you are still climbing at over 15% with a couple of “flatter spots” to finish the 1.25 mile climb.

I had a good day on the bike. It was the end of my five (5)day training block. Now I rest for two (2) days and get back at it on Wednesday for my commute.

Here are my May month-end numbers.

Totals/ Rides/ Distance/ Altitude Gain (ft)
May/ 10/ 754/ 34,473
2009/ 50/ 3,582/ 191,976

Yes the mileage is down and the elevation gain is way down for the year. I need to bump it up if I’m going to be ready for my September and October main events.

Here are the rest of the months so you can catch up.

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