90 miler today..

I went for a 90 miler today. I got a late start. My legs were sore from commuting. I have ridden only 72 miles in three (3) rides since I got back from Trans Iowa on May 5th. My May numbers will only be respectable because of Trans Iowa (320 miles in one shot). I’ve been sick for over three (3) weeks and it’s getting old. Finally this week I said eff it I’m going to start commuting.

Commuting numbers:

Wed PM 65 miles
Thurs AM 30 miles
Thurs PM 65 miles
Fri AM 30 miles

Commuting total: 190 miles

Today’s ride was a good eye-opener. I’m just not in shape. I suffered from mile 75 to the finish mile 90 and then there was a stiff headwind.

I also established two benchmarks to work from. I timed myself on Laguna Canyon from Pacific Coast Hwy to the point where bicycles must turn off on Quail something? My time to beat on the 7.5 mile “climb” is 24:20

Benchmark for Santiago Canyon is 39:09. From Glenn Ranch to the Sprint point on the Como Street group ride.

Duration: 5:47:13 (6:03:28)
Work: 2946 kJ
TSS: 487.2 (intensity factor 0.94)
Norm Power: 198
VI: 1.33
Pw:HR: 2.68%
Pa:HR: -3.57%
Distance: 90.609 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 818 149 watts
Heart Rate: 80 194 153 bpm
Cadence: 29 178 83 rpm
Speed: 0 43.8 16.4 mph
Pace 1:22 0:00 3:39 min/mi
Hub Torque: 0 520 72 lb-in
Crank Torque: 0 1097 156 lb-in


Peak 5s (609 watts): 8.8 w/kg
Peak 10s (546 watts): 7.9 w/kg
Peak 20s (508 watts): 7.3 w/kg
Peak 30s (426 watts): 6.1 w/kg
Peak 1min (384 watts): 5.6 w/kg
Peak 2min (330 watts): 4.7 w/kg
Peak 5min (308 watts): 4.4 w/kg
Peak 10min (243 watts): 3.5 w/kg
Peak 20min (220 watts): 3.2 w/kg
Peak 30min (200 watts): 2.9 w/kg
Peak 60min (175 watts): 2.5 w/kg

During my ride I discovered another hill! I was so excited when I looked up during a fast descent and noticed a water tower on top of a distant hill. I’ve descended this hill many times and have never noticed that water tower up there. A few lefts and rights and I found the way up through a resedential neighborhood. I was so excited I wanted to call Brandy. Problem was the hill was steep and I need to focus lol!

I also got an idea for some picture taking to liven up my blog. Before the age of digital cameras I used to take pictures of my bike in front of percentage of grade signs. I thought it was cool and my coworkers, who didn’t ride, thought I was nuts for attempting some of the hills I told them about. They would say things like “I can’t even walk up that thing” or “My car hates me when I go up Texas (15% grade)”

Here is the first installment of GRADE SIGNS new label.

This Calle Grande in Orange

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