Got a new jersey…

A quick shout-out to my friend in Omaha, Nebraska who hooked me up with a new jersey.

I commuted today. I’ve picked up a lot of new readers so for you that have been with me a while allow me to give the headlines about my commute to the new readers.

I commute 65 miles one way from Encinitas to Huntington Beach. Sometimes I take the train part of the way. sometimes I do both full commutes each way for 130 miles, 8 hours on the bike for the day broken up in the middle by an 8 hour work day. Sometimes on my night time commute I add extra loops to bring up the mileage to 69, or 86 miles.

I did only one leg of the commute today, the northbound one. I have been sick since getting back from Trans Iowa. My recovery was pitiful. Beginning with saying up all day Sunday (until 10ish pm) to disassemble Buckshot77’s bike, and then Monday I couldn’t get to bed early either. By Tuesday I was back to work dragging. Over the next few days I fought off a cold and it finally got me. I have been sick for three (3) weeks. IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!

Here is a picture of my new jersey. Thank you Sushijoe!!

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