Santa Monica Mountains Century

I believe the entire century was done in this area. South of Hwy 101.

11,000 feet of climbing in a 102 miles.

For the power mongrols– over 4,000 kj (I weigh about 155lbs)

I’ve got just a few minutes to spare but I am bursting with excitement about my great training ride on Sunday March 29, 2009.

Chris Kostman, from AdventureCorps, took me for a ride in the Santa Monica Mountains. Home of the famous Mulholland Hwy and many other roads. Luckily Chris knew every road, and fire road, in the area because I was so turned around I didn’t know where I was half the time. He even knew the locations of all the secret “water holes”.

The weather was overcast and hazy and a bit chilly when you hit patches of low fog. The riding was amazing and the climbing was very challenging. But doesn’t that make for a better ride? Of course it does!!

I haven’t had time to download the pictures and videos yet. Check back in a couple of days.

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