During the century ride yesterday I wore the Skins bib longs. It is the first cycling specific compression garment made– to my knowledge. I was surprised at the quality of the chamois. But I was even more surprised by how good I felt all day. Not too hot not too cold and my legs just felt great. With that much climbing in such a concentrated distance your legs don’t get a chance to recover. I attribute my performance to the Skins bib longs. They will become my primary cycling garment when competing in long distance events.

I might have looked funny to some folks out there but mark my words you will see more and more athletes and cyclists wear compression.

As a footnote- Not only did I feel good during the ride but I was in the car an hour (traffic) getting home and I left them on. I didn’t feel as stiff getting out of the car. I then slept in a pair of sport tights.

If you are not familiar with how compression can benefit you as a cyclist or athlete please view this short video.

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