My Solo 175 miler (282 kms)- Dawson Saddle

On Sunday I went out to do 175 miles (282 kms) solo. I rode from Huntington Beach to Dawson Saddle (7901 ft) in the San Gabriel Mountains. The ride has 8600 feet (2621 meters) of gain. The largest chunk of it comes in a 33 mile 7,000+ feet of gain (2133 meters) in a remote closed road section. No cars and no people for hours and hours just the way I like it. I love doing long solo rides.

The ride took me North on the Pacific Coast Hwy to Seal Beach then Northeast on the San Gabriel Bike Trail. Hwy 39 up past Crystal Lake (where I went two weeks ago)to the junction of Angeles Crest Hwy then continuing up to Dawson Saddle.

Meet Rebecca, my climbing bike. It is a Cervelo R3-SL. Very light very stiff and unbelievably it has a great smooth ride. It is dressed out in a Dura-Ace kit with Velocity Arrowhead rims on a Powertap Wireless 2.4 SL.

Rebecca before the Fred Pump

After the fred pump

Flat repair- notice Park Tool Patches

18 gel packets stuffed into my shorts

Three bottles in my jersey pockets with powder mix NO WATER yet

Beginning of Hwy 39 climb

9 miles into the climb East Fork Turn Off

11.5 miles into the climb the road is closed

Nearest Mile Marker to the first gate

15 Miles into the climb 3,000 feet


Looking down

About 4,000 feet (1219 meters) elevation about 18,8 miles (30.3 kms) into the climb there is a stream. It has been really hot lately so I usually dunk my head in the icy cold water. It is very refreshing. Some folks drink from it.

About 21.2 Miles (34 kms)into the climb the 5000 ft (1524 meters) sign

Crystal Lake Turn Off if you read an earlier post you will recognize this as the destination point in that post. You may also recall it is a veritable ghost town.

About 27.8 miles junction to Angeles Crest Hwy

Destination Dawson Saddle 7901 ft (2408 meters) 33.3 miles (53.1 kms) of climbing.

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