Tour de Baldy Double Whip

Brandy’s Tour de Baldy

First off I will do a little bragging. Our househould is getting ready for Everest Challenge. My lovely, Brandy, has not committed to doing the event yet but she is well on her way. I have her on a training plan that will, at the very least, allow her to complete the event. She has very limited time to train. Her training must be precise and purposeful. She is doing a fantastic job complying with the program. Having done the Everest Challenge twice before, I am very familiar with the demands of the event. I’m proud and impressed with her progress. Last Saturday she did a SOLO century with 15,000 feet of climbing.

Before you scoff at that as what’s the big deal — I challenge you to find organized centuries with that much climbing. Even some of the most known climbing events, like Death Ride or Climb the Kaiser and Breathless Agony have less climbing per mile than the ride she did. So remember this was SOLO without the benefit buffet-style spreads that you find at the events below.

Take a look at this comparison

Brandy’s Tour de Baldy 15,000 feet in 104 miles = 144 feet of gain per mile

Death Ride………… 15,000 feet in 129 miles = 116 feet of gain per mile

Breathless Agony ….. 12,000 feet in 114 miles = 105 feet of gain per mile

Climb the Kaiser…… 13,500 feet in 155 miles = 87 feet of gain per mile

Whip = ski lifts

Oh by the way, I did 16,000 on Sunday in 110 miles. I went to the Baldy Ski Lifts twice and a couple of repeats on Glendora Mountain Rd.

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