TT Effort new PR

Averages and Max readings

Peak Power

About once a month I try to hurt myself and do a 20 min TT to see where my fitness lies. The day is randomly selected with varying circumstances leading up to the day.
For those power junkies out there here are the numbers leading up to this test.

Sunday over…… 4000kjs
Monday……….. Rest
Tuesday………. Rest
Wednesday…….. 3400 kjs (Two AM/PM commutes 8 hr work day in between)
Thursday……… 2400 kjs (One AM commute and one lunch time ride 5hr rest)
Friday……….. 1100 kjs (One AM commute data taken from this commute)

……………….10,900 kjs
(not including the return trip on Friday’s PM commute)

It should be known that when I commute I get barely five hours of sleep a night. I JUST CAN’T fall asleep. So most of these miles/hours/kjs are done with very minimal recovery in the form of sleep.

Anyway the numbers aren’t bad. Over rolling terrain I averaged:

25.81 MPH
231 watts
92 Cadence
3.27 w/kg

Let’s see what I average in another month.

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