Week End Totals

My training for Furnace Creek 508 is coming along slowly. I ended the week with:

22,000 feet of gain
410 miles
15,000 kjs
28 hours on the bike

I happened to be in Encinitas on Saturday training a client. It felt strange to be at my work location on a Saturday. It felt even more strange to be in the store and not working. After training my client, I went for a hill workout on Torrey Pines. For those of you reading my blog for other parts of the world it is 1.4 miles (2.3km) 400 feet (122 meters) of gain with an average grade of 5.4% The first 1/8 of a mile is really shallow. My plan was to do 15 repeats and call it a day.

On one of my repeats (11th) I was passed by someone so fast that it startled me. I reacted instinctively and jumped on their wheel. It wasn’t until I got on their wheel did I realized that I didn’t even do a check over my shoulder to see if another rider was coming from behind. Once on their wheel I noticed it was a girl. I was really working hard to keep up with her. She was in her big ring and probably her 23T. She had a good cadence going and I was “under pressure” as Phil Liggett says. We weaved in and out of the other riders on the climb and eventually I got alongside her. She was working too hard to stay in the big ring and eventually faded. When it was time to sprint over the top she was tapped out and downshifted to small ring — which of course caused her to spin wildly and without power.

I thought I would tag along and find out more about her. Turns out she hadn’t been riding long. I think she might make a good racer. She obviously has plenty of power to climb and also on the flats as I noticed later.

I also ran into John Martinez MD with Coastal Sports and Wellness Medical Center . Dr Martinez and his practice sponsored my Two Person Race Across America team in 2007. My partner Rick Shulze and I owe Dr. Martinez a huge thank for you for his efforts. I remember my crew chief and girlfriend, Brandy, calling him at all hours of the night and day seeking medical advice for the issues I was experiencing. His support was essential in our success. Thank you John!

Check them out!!

From their website:

Coastal Sports & Wellness Medical Center of San Diego provides high quality primary care, sports medicine, chiropractic care as well as sports massage, acupuncture and personal training for athletes and active patients with a focus on lifetime health using a comprehensive team approach.

Here are just a few of the services they provide.

Sports Medicine and Chiropractic
Sports Massage
VO2max and Lactate Testing
Sports Performance Programs
GRAVITY Training Sessions
Indoor Cycling Classes Cycling Performance Center

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