So who said you can’t get 9,000 feet of climbing on the coast?

I couldn’t go out to the mountains last weekend. So I thought I would check out the hills that shoot off of Pacific Coast Highway. I rode down from Huntington Beach to San Clemente. I was determined to get a 100 miles in and at least 7K of climbing. I ended up with 100 and 9K. In a 58 mile section I got 7,700 feet.

On my return trip I went up as many hills as I could take directly off PCH. Let me caution you and tell you that this was NOT an easy ride. Most of the hills were at least 10% grades with others significantly more. This ride is NOT for the beginning rider.

I started with San Salvador in San Clemente. Very steep

Then Palisades Dr to Bienvenido and some other dead end street. Very steep

Pacific Island Dr both sides. Steep

Nyes Place continue on Balboa. Very Very steep 1 mile section over 20%

Summit Dr and Bluebird Canyon. Very Steep

Alto Vista gated community. Steep

Newport Coast with Vista Ridge Steep.

At the end of my ride I was treated to about 15 miles of headwind. Good way to finish a hard day on the bike.

I commuted today. My wonderful girlfriend, Brandy, was up at 4am with me getting me ready to get out the door. She made coffee and a light breakfast and I was off. She really is the best at taking care of me.

Ticia if you are reading this you should be riding your bike. Get out and ride your bike!

All for now.

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