On My Commute today….

With the New Year’s holiday approaching I decided to get three days of consecutive riding. Actually, credit should go to my girlfriend, Brandy, the best girlfriend ever, for coming up with the schedule. Here was my plan–my commute home Monday 65 miles, the New Years Ride 100 miles and the commute back to work on Wed am of 65 miles. Then I would recover before my first event of the year, the San Diego Brevet Series 200km. The 200km is about 125 miles unsupported through some of San Diego North County’s back country roads.

On Monday afternoon I left my car at work in Encinitas and rode home 65 miles to Huntington Beach. As I was entering Newport beach I noticed the number 1 bus traveling northbound alongside me. I looked up and noticed it’s serial number and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The number was “5309”. Does anyone remember that song “867-5309”? Well I couldn’t get it out of my head for the next 15 miles. Urg!!! And now I would like to share the misery with you!

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