Ok I am now committed to RAAM 2008

Early in the fall, I received an email from Race Across America with news about the 2008 race.

15-October-2007 Taos or Bust – A New 1000 Miles race to Taos, NM, for 2008

Over time RAAM, has added pieces to the race which enable more racers to experience the journey that is RAAM. In the 90s, 4-Person teams were added. Just five years ago, 8-Person teams were added and more recently the 24 Hour Challenge was started.

In 2008, we are introducing a new event: a 1000 mile race starting in Oceanside and finishing in Taos, NM. The 1000 mile event fills the void between the traditional 500mile races and the full challenge of RAAM. We recognize that there are many racers, particularily aspiring RAAM rookies, that will find the commitment to race 1,000 miles, a much less overwhelming proposition than a full RAAM. There are few races in the world of this distance and this will be the first in the US.

Just as with the 24 Hour Challenge and the teams, 1000 mile racers will race directly against those going to Annapolis across the beautiful western portion of the course. It’s truly a chance for racers to test themselves in a new distance and see if they want to step up to the ultimate race – RAAM!

Expect a great event as RAAM brings its experience and history to this unique distance.

The idea of this race immediately appealed to me and after much thought and deliberation, I have taken the plunge and registered for Race Across the West .

The feeling of being part of the RAAM experience last year was amazing and something that I knew that I wanted to continue with as I work toward my ultimate goal of SOLO RAAM. In thinking about how I wanted to take part in RAAM in 2008, I considered doing another team race, but ultimately decided that my idea of being an ultra racer means suffering alone. The sense of accomplishment I feel from my solo races is beyond anything I would feel as a team racer. The contrast between my experiences in the 2007 two person RAAM team and my succesful Furnace Creek 508 fixed gear race in October 2007 helped me to realize that I work best and I am happiest when I am racing solo. I believe that Race Across the West is the next logical step in my preparation toward SOLO RAAM.

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