From the website this morning…

“The photos are a bit lopsided with George right now due to the fact the crew chief was with George all the time and was the only one that had access to upload.”

Just another clarification post here.

1. I was George’s primary support person during RAAM. It was no secret to anyone that I was going to fulfill this role, so the fact that I was “with George all the time” shouldn’t be a surprise.

2. There are pictures on flickr that were uploaded the very first day of RAAM, when we had speedy internet access and a chunk of time on my hands. Until yesterday, those were the only photos on the site.

3. I am home now and will be uploading more pictures throughout the day. Yes, they are mostly of George because he was the one that I was following primarily. I can imagine that if Rick had the same primary support person throughout the race, that their pictures would represent that as well.

4. I was not the only one with access to upload. Flickr uploader was on several of the team computers, but all of us were faced with slow internet speeds throughout the race. Our main photographer James takes amazing photos, but the high resolution originals are large files that take a long time to upload even at home, let alone on the road when what we were worrying about more was taking care of these riders. At one time we tried to get him to a Wi-Fi location in La Veta, but the library was just closing when we arrived.

5. I am doing what the blog readers have asked and getting pictures up here now that I have a fast connection at home. I apologize that Rick is not well represented at this time, but the amount of pictures that I took is very minimal in comparison to the others and those will be posted as soon as it is possible.

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