Clarification post

When I said it would have been easier to do Solo RAAM what I meant was the following:

1. By no means do I believe that I had trained enough to do the full 3000 miles alone. That goal is still years away. I was grateful to have Rick and his help. We both knew going into this that I had the Ultra experience and Rick could provide the intensity and speed that I lacked.

2. I was referring to the logistics involved.

3. The amount of crew involved–much less needed for Solo

4. The irregular sleep patterns that a two person team has to adopt–on this event I couldn’t get any sleep for the first four days. I believe if I ride 18-20 hours I would be tired enough to sleep when I would put my head down.

5. The lack of pressure to perform as part of a team–in other words when I wasn’t feeling well and during the time I was sleep deprived— if I was riding solo I would just have myself to blame for a slow average speed. In this case, I always felt the pressure that I was slowing Rick down because I couldn’t get sleep and he was busting his ass to get me some.

6. When riding solo you ride when you want you stop when you want.

7. Solo RAAM is also easier on the crew because when the rider decides to stop EVERYTHING stops the crew, the vehicles, the rider everyone shuts down and sleeps and then they resume again. With a relay the crew is constantly “on”. There is always a rider on the road and the wheels are always rolling.

8. No need for rolling exchanges and/or coordinating multiple vehicles and crew members.

9. The lack of cell phone communication through many states also wouldn’t be an issue — one rider one follow vehicle …simple. The lack of communication and accurate information created very hectic and disorganized rider exchanges and crew exchanges for that matter.

10. I think many of you are misreading and misinterperting what I posted. Please don’t read into it. It is not a “slap in anyone’s face”. I am a solo rider. I train alone, race alone and eventually will do Solo RAAM.

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