It goes without saying that this massive undertaking, racing across America, could not be done without the support and dedication of the crew. I can’t imagine why they would volunteer for what always ends up being a thankless job. Their dedication of support to complete strangers was amazing. I am so glad there are selfless people out there because without them Rick and I would not have finished. Thank you crew!!

It had been pre-arranged that the crew chief would fly back because she is a single mom to the three children. Unlike many of the crew the crew chief has three children: Marcellus age 4, Avery age 6 and Gavin age 8. All three of the children are out of school for the summer so they need a lot of attention. She had arranged child care until the Thursday June 21st.

We began to run behind schedule and that caused a lot of stress on her and her home life. The father is non-existent he comes around once a week and only for a couple of hours. Many of the crew are not married, no children and quite a few are college students off for the summer months. Many of them if not all are unemployed, retired, semi -retired, laid off or between jobs. There is a huge difference between the crew chief’s responsiblities at home than the rest of the crew.

The children were being watched, reluctantly, by the children’s grandmother, who was displaced from her home in Arizona and more than anxious to get home. The sooner the crew chief could get home the better for the children, the grandmother (that didn’t want to be there) and issues between the father and her would be.

We appreciate the financial support from zamcharles and for allowing me an opportunity to explain the crew chief’s restrictions.

3 thoughts on “Crew

  1. Sounds like there’s drama rising to the top during a time that those who put the sweat equity into this should get to enjoy the fruits of their (very real, sweaty ) labor. And have time to value the strength of their friendships, even when it’s rockyWe’re in an era that’s lost so much sense of community kindness and pulling together.My own naive fantasy is that we can all once again learn to ‘play well together’. These particular players were putting their sanity, safety and dreams into each other’s pockets as well.I’m only a voyeur to the show. Still, between the lines, I’m sensing there are folks out here finding fault. E-mails and Blogs are flat communications. They don’t include gestures, facial expressions, tones of voice. Now toss some exhaustion in. Mix well.Maybe those of us that weren’t there can respect that the crew is doing what they’re able, and they need to work their own human stuff out without others pickin’ at it like hungry woodpeckers.Happy Trailsjust a gal named Patty

  2. I am from the TE forum and that is how I know Brandy. I also have read your other blog and I know what a great Mom you are by reading the blog, your posts on various forum etc.Although I knew a little of your difficult time you going through I did not know to the extent. I thought you all did such a great job through this ride, but you should be commended even further. You should be an inspiration to those you come in contact with.I hope you have a great summer with the kids & George of course and that you also have your own time to ride also.

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