My Tommasini Tecno


I have been riding this bike quite extensively and it occurred to me that I haven’t made a post on my Tommasini Tecno in some time.  This is a fantastic riding bike.  I strongly believe the steel fork makes all the difference when riding a steel bike.  You MUST experience the difference of riding a steel fork again.  Disclaimer: I am an authorized Tommasini dealer if you care to purchase one please contact me at

4 thoughts on “My Tommasini Tecno

  1. Likely you mean program dealer. Just about anyone can be a dealer and there are shops that are dealers just not listed in the Tommasini website.

    • Hello Pete,

      REV Cycling is a program dealer. REV Cycling is listed on the dealer website. As far as “Just about anyone can be a dealer” or dealers that are not listed on the Tommasini website… I’m not really aware of them nor do they concern me or impact my business.

      I appreciate your comment however, I don’t find the value of it.

      George Vargas

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